The « SKIPANDA » Panda ski method is a new ski technique, a ski school, which teaches skiing through physical control of gravity, and psychological control of the fear gravity inspires.

Born from the learn to ski method, "GLEE" is the first literary essay on skiing, a tale of happiness, a poem to fatherly love, a Little Prince of Skiing, the Tao of skiing.

The recreational skier, alike anyone learning to drive a car, is concerned with finding the brake and the steering wheel. But in skiing, the engine is the invisible, unattainable, irresistible gravity.

The ski method teaches taming the fear of gravity. The tale spans the whole rainbow of human concern from vivid kinetic descriptions to a new scientific spirituality.


About the Author


--His earthly guise--


--The echography of his soul--

50 years before I landed on planet earth, I was steeped in skiing bliss through my folks’ genes. They already were addicted. Age three, sitting on my skis, I set off to subdue the ominous Alps. Age six, my mother attempted to teach me the telemark turn, her heels attached to the ski and unaware that Seelos had launched parallel turning. She tried in earnest and failed in earnest. I did learn to jump out of the way of trees in order to survive. Age ten, my mom passed a pair of thick Norwegian skis on to me, they were 7 feet long with an 8 inch shovel at the tip and she sternly advised me, “These skis survived your father and grandfather, I want them to last you a lifetime.” Actually I stopped skiing on them a while ago, but they will outlive me. As that good old Norwegian craftsmanship had not killed me by the age of 20, I went on to credit the French ENSA (National School of Climbing and Skiing) and our PSIA-WEST with my certification. Then, since I had to make a living, I started teaching skiing. As a young man, I went West to bring ski gospel truth to underdeveloped native skiers of California. These were the days, in the late fifties, when Oklahoma people were mistaking my skis on the rack for heavy duty fishing rods. By now, the victims of my ski lessons must number over 10.000 and they are spread all over America, France and China.

When snow melted, I also went astray to some schools where they inflicted on me a Master’s in Chinese and a diploma in film making. I didn’t dig any gold out of any mountains in California, so I tried my luck at coalmining, trawler fishing, farming, plumbing, carpentry, bussing tables, shoveling roofs, film making, and a handyman of all trades. I just missed out on jail life, in spite of my first American wife’s earnest efforts. I was too straight, I guess. Nobody’s perfect! I also married nearly as many times as I divorced, which is part of the job of any healthy ski instructor with a tan. I never settled down anywhere for too long, but Chamonix has seen a little too much of me for the past fifty years, which must be the only topic locals all agree about! I never put aside any monies, therefore my retirement plan is to keep on teaching skiing with a pair of brand new titanium knees the doctor guaranteed would last me 3 thousand years rust free. Hoping to make a little extra dough, I offered to publicize his achievement by the year 5006, but he did not seize on the opportunity yet. Well, plenty of time.

Enjoy a lesson in skiing,
Enjoy a lesson in living,
Enjoy the Tao of glee,
The Bible of happiness.